Getting Started

Below you will find all the information you should need to go about joining us in the Freelander Challenge. If you still have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information or detail about anything explained below.


You will need a Non-Race National B Competition Licence from the MSA. Click Here for their Website
You will need a Race helmet to current MSA Specifications.

It is strongly recommended that you wear a HANS device ( Frontal Head Restraint).

It is strongly recommended that you wear flame resistant overalls.

As a driver who is new to off-road racing, it is recommended that you speak to current competitors or look to arrange driver tuition from an experienced Off-Road racer.
As a navigator, to take some of the mystery out of the co-driver’s seat, try and speak to current co-drivers to get their advice.


You will need a Freelander to compete in Challenge Championship. Diesel or Petrol, 3 door or 5 door, Automatic/Manual is entirely down to your preference.

You will need to make the safety modifications detailed below

You will need a Freelander Rollcage to meet MSA regulations.
You will need competition seats as seen above.

You will need 4/5 point harnesses for all seats fitted.

You will need belt cutters secured in the vehicle, within easy reach of the occupants.

You will need a handheld fire extinguisher.

You will need a “kill” switch fitted to your vehicle (to allow the vehicle’s ignition to be turned off by someone external to the vehicle)

You will need bonnet pins securing to the bonnet.

These parts can be sourced and arranged by yourself, or can be provided by motorsport companies. One of the most experienced in building competition Freelanders is Xceed Motorsport (Based in Cheshire)